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Puzzle of the Day Solutions:

March 22nd: 1. alphabet, 2 meat, 3. The coin which is not a 10p is a 5p. The other coin is a 10p! 4. Your breath. 

March 21st: black, blue, green, red, yellow

March 20th: football, horseshoe, sunrise, rainbow, playground, blackberry

March 19th: Lots of different solutions!

March 18th: Los of different solutions!

March 15th: 1) A coin; 2) envelope; 3) In the dictionary; 4) A set of weighing scales

March 14th: 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8

March 13th: 1) Hand in hand; 2) Somewhere over the rainbow; 3) Forgive and forget; 4) I understand; 5) A round of applause 

March 12th: There would be 15 handshakes altogether. 

March 11th: The answer is always 44! 

March 8th 

1. A towel; 2. He is looking at a picture of his son; 3. A clock; 4. The word is "short".

March 7th March

Lion, Prince, Voyage, Chair, Horse, Magician, Battle (They all feature in book titles from The Chronicles of Narnia)

Wednesday 6th March

1) Robin Hood; 2) Good afternoon; 3) Dominos; 4) I before E, except after C; 5) What goes up must come down

Tuesday 5th March

outfit, father, carpet, rotten, wintry, button

Monday 4th March

12 29 59

23 41 36

27 53 20

35 43 22

35 29 36

42 39 19

56 31 13

Friday 1st March

1. A promise; 2. Because the score before a football match has even started is always 0 - 0. 

3. There are 7 people in the Smith family. Mr and Mrs Smith, three sons and two daughters.

4. A bed.

Thursday 29th February

1. There are three single digit answers so it must be the three times table.

2. There are two single digit answers so it must be the four times table.

3. There is one single digit answer so it could be the 7, 8 or 9 times table. K x K = AC; because K = 7, 8 or 9, AC must be 49, 64 or 81. However C x K = K, so C must be one. This means AC must be 81, so K must be 9.

Wednesday 28th February

1. 365 Days in a Year; 2. 24 Hours in a Day; 3. 60 Seconds in a Minute; 4. 52 Weeks in a Year; 

5. 10 Years in a Decade; 6. 60 Minutes in an Hour; 7. 12 Months in a Year; 8. 7 Days in a Week

Tuesday 27th February

The words in the grid can be preceded by rain, wind and sun: rainbow, raindrop, rainforest, sunshine, sunset, sunflower, windsurf, windpipe, windmill.

Monday 26th February

The missing number is 13.

Friday 23rd February

1. A river; 2. Tug of War; 3. None, it was Noah!; 4. A map.

Thursday 22nd February

A=4; B=8; C=9; D=1; E=3; F=6; 

Wednesday 21st February

1. S (miss out two letters)

2. S (days of the week)

3. S (months of the year)

4. B (Red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, blue)

5. S! (Can You Work Out The Next Letter In Each Sequence)

Tuesday 20th February

1. here / hear; 2. hour / our; 3. knight / night; 4. not / knot; 5. write / right; 6. see / sea

Monday 19th February

The first number you come to that is impossible to make is 29.

Friday 16th February

1. Yes you can. The letters of NEW DOOR, when rearranged, can spell out ONE WORD! 

2. Teapot; 3. The cowboy's horse is called Sunday; 4. One pile.

Thursday 15th February

The key to understanding this puzzle is in recognising that the digits 1 to 6 add up to 21 altogether and that the digits in each of the corners are counted twice. Getting each side of the triangle to add up to 9 means that all three sides will add up to 27. This is 6 more than 21 which means the digits in each corner (which are scored twice) must add up to 6.  Once this rule is understood, it is fairly straight-forward getting the sides of the triangle to add up to 9, 10, 11, 12 etc.

The highest number which it is possible to make is 12, achieved by placing 4, 5 and 6 in each corner. To make 13, we would need three sides to add up to 39, which is 18 more than 21. As it is not possible to place three numbers in the corners which make 18, we know that making each side add to 13 is not achievable. 

Wednesday 14th February

Peter, Mary, Sasha, John, James

Tuesday 13th February

Lots of different answers. Here's an example for 7 letters: a, an, ant, pant, plant, planet, planets

Monday 12th February

The mystery numbers are 28 and 85.

Friday 9th February

1. Johnny; 2. Nine; 3. A mushroom; 4. They both weigh exactly the same.

Thursday 8th February

Did you know that 0 is actually a whole number? 

With 0: 10+0+0, 9+1+0, 8+2+0, 8+1+1, 7+3+0, 7+2+1, 6+4+0, 6+3+1, 6+2+2, 5+5+0, 5+4+1, 5+3+2, 4+4+2, 4+3+3)

Without 0: 8+1+1, 7+2+1, 6+3+1, 6+2+2, 5+4+1, 5+3+2, 4+4+2, 4+3+3

Wednesday 7th February

1. Potatoes; 2. Just between you and me; 3. Once Upon a Time; 4. Three Blind Mice; 5. Repeat after me.

Tuesday 6th February

The missing animals are: cow (coward, scowl), hen (kitchen, whenever), cat (locate, scatter), pig (pigeon, pigtail) and dog (hotdog, dog-leg).

Monday 5th February

3-2=1; 5-3=2; 5-2=3; (5+3)/2=4; 2+3=5; 3x2=6; 5+2=7; 5+3=8; (5-2)*3=9; 5x2=10; (3x2)+5=11

(5x2)+3=13; 5x3=15; (5+3)x2=16; (5x3)+2=17


The first number it is not possible to make is 12.

The other two numbers it is not possible to make are 14 and 18. 

Friday 2nd February

1. It was still Mount Everest, even though it hadn't been discovered!

2. An egg (but other answers may work too)

3. The letter "H"

4. A cold, although other answers might include bus, train etc.

Thursday 1st February

The weight of Rock C can be found by subtracting 820 from 975 (155g). Rocks B and C weigh 525g so Rock B weighs 370g. Rock A is the difference between 975g and 525g and therefore weighs 450g.

Rock A=450g; Rock B=370g; Rock C=155g

Wednesday 31st January

The odd word out is NUMBER. All the other words contain numbers: lONEly, neTWOrk, caNINE, hEIGHT, eaTEN


Tuesday 30th January

Pea, pane, pear, enter, manner, remnant, permanent

Lot of other answers also possible for other words of three or more letters!

Monday 29th January

22: (3x6)+4

1: (3+4)-6

42: (3+4)x6

18: (3x4)+6

12: (6-3)x4

30:  (6+4)x3

36: (6+3)x4

27: (6x4)+3

13: 3+4+6

5: (6+3)-4

Friday 26th January

1. Your name!

2. Ton (NOT going backwards!)

3. All of them!

4. Holes!

Thursday 25th January

X+X+X = 15 so X=5.

X + 2 black dots = 13, so each black dot is worth 4.

2 black dots + 1 white square = 9, so each white square = 1

Wednesday 24th January

This puzzle is testing your powers of observation. The answer is not connected to the meanings of the word, but to the letters contained within each one. The name of the puzzle also gives you a small clue.  The odd one out is ground. All the other words contain the names of insects which fly (brieFLY, maGNATe, BEEping, BAThe, prOWL, MOTHer)

Tuesday 23rd January

All the words in the grid can be prefixed with sub, super or inter. Therefore the three groups are: 1) submerge. subtitles, submarine; 2) superhero, superstar, supersonic; 3) international, intercity and interactive.

Monday 22nd January:

There are many possible solutions to this puzzle, but here is one method for solving each calculation:

136: 10+3=13; 5x2=10; 10x13=130; 130+6=136

112: 10x6=60; 60-4=56; 56x2 =112

74: 5+2=7; 7x10=70; 70+4=74

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