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Vocabulary Wall

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Click <Start>. Click <Next Definition> to cycle through all 12 definitions. Click <Highlight Answer> to highlight the correct word in the grid. Click <Restart> to return to the first definition.


Vocabulary Wall


How to use this resource
* Generate a wall by clicking on <Start>,  <Gentle>, <Normal> or <Tough> (options will vary depending on your chosen topic).
* Click on <Start> to reveal the first definition. Cycle through all 12 definitions, reading each one to the children.

* Click on <Restart> to return to the first definition. Cycle through the definitions a second time. Children should work in pairs, teams or individually, writing down the word in the grid to which each definition refers.
* Cycle through the definitions for a third time. This time, click on <Highlight Answer> to reveal the correct answer from the grid.

* Repeat the activity regularly. This Vocabulary Wall will regenerate each time and regular use will help to consolidate pupils' understanding and broaden their vocabulary!

Differentiated Vocabulary Sets
Some topics will provide up to three different vocabulary sets to choose from. Where this is the case, selecting <Gentle> will provide an easier vocabulary wall, whilst <Normal> and <Tough> vocabulary walls will provide increasingly difficult levels of challenge.

Customise (not available during free trial)
Using the Customise tool allows you to select specific vocabulary which you want to appear in the grid. Click the <CUSTOMISE> button below or from the main menu to customize your grid.



Customise your Selection


Click on the words below to select them for your vocabulary wall. Select at least 13 words. There is no maximum limit.

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