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An exciting and engaging collection of whiteboard activities for your classroom, including quizzes, puzzles, games, vocabulary walls and investigations.

What is Primary Quiz?

Primary Quiz is an online bank of activities which can be easily integrated into any part of your lesson or school day to develop fluency and secure mastery in English, Maths and Science. Regenerating resources will provide you with an unlimited supply of multiple choice quizzes, workouts, puzzles, games and independent pupil tasks which will engage your pupils, consolidate their learning, stimulate discussion and save you hours of time each week!

“All the pupils and staff love Primary Quiz. I can honestly say the progress in 6 months is stunning- the biggest improvement in 6 months I’ve ever seen." 

Elaine Mullins, Headteacher, St John's Junior School, Wirral

Product Details

A huge collection of online games, quizzes, puzzles and investigations which will engage learners and make learning stick!


A range of grammar, punctuation and spelling activities including multiple choice quizzes, missing word puzzles, daily workouts, prefix and suffix walls, sentence and word jigsaws and lots more!


Engage your pupils in daily workouts, games, investigations and puzzles. Activities include mental starters, bingo games, addition walls, sujiko, coded tables, symbol grids, SATS arithmetic busters and much more!


Science activities include vocabulary walls, retrieval mats, multiple choice quizzes, picture boards and anagrams puzzles.  What can your pupils remember from their Science lessons?

The Benefits of Primary Quiz

  • Instant access to English, Maths and Science activities for pupils in Years 1 to 6.

  • Resources regenerate every time you use them.

  • Daily opportunities for pupils to practise skills and retrieve knowledge.

  • Builds resilience, confidence, curiosity and engagement.

  • Fosters teamwork, collaboration and cooperation

  • Creates a fun, safe and inclusive classroom environment.

  • Improves speaking and listening skills.

  • Builds pupils' self-awareness of their own learning.

  • Saves teachers hours of planning and preparation time.

  • Perfect for SATS preparation.

  • Complements any scheme of work you are already using.

  • No photocopying required!

The User Journey

1. Choose your subject.

2. Select your year group.


3. Choose your activity.


4. Start your quiz!

What our schools say...

"Primary Quiz has now become an integral part of the teaching and learning at our school, helping our children to retain important knowledge and deepen their learning.”

Chris Mervyn, Headteacher



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Annual Subscription

Unlimited access to site

Unlimited number of teacher log-ins

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3 Year Subscription

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3 Year Subscription

Make Learning Stick

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